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About Texas Specialty Contractors
Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Texas Specialty Contractors provided services?

Texas Specialty Contractors has been a general contractor providing quality custom home remodeling, construction and restoration for more than 30 years in the Dallas and Collin Counties.

What types of services does Texas Specialty Contractors provide?

Texas Specialty Contractors provides everything in the residential home remodeling, restoration and construction industry, from leveling ground and foundation to roofing. We are your general contractor choice expert from everything like vinyl siding, windows, exterior and interior painting, roofing, interior room addition, remodeling, fire and water restoration, kitchen or bathroom remodeling, plumbing, etc.

What's so different about your company than other general contractors?

We provide a great deal of information and consulting with you prior to beginning any exterior or interior remodeling project to ensure that you are satisfied and comfortable with the entire process. Whether that's providing a designer's sketch of the plans or explaining step-by-step the complete sequence you will see from our experienced craftsman as we work inside or outside your home. In addition, our expertise and guidance will include various options that provide you the durability and quality that is also budget conscious.

What's your pricing look like compared with others?

We welcome the comparison. While we provided a craftsman-like quality and determination to see the work done right the first time, we are also conscious of homeowner's budgets. Often times we can provide various options for you with appropriate recommendations to help you make the best decision for you and your home. All work includes a formal proposal with details of the work performed and services rendered. No suprises there.

What other expertise can your provide?

Glad you asked. All Texas Specialty Contractor personnel are experienced, qualified and knowledgeable in the entire construction and remodeling service process. This includes using the right materials, conforming to construction standards as well as incorporating a wealth of knowledge and proper use of home improvement practices, structural and technical. Using us as your general contractor, no matter the size of project, we will be able to provide a reliable estimate based on the available structural information of your home and determine the proper path to complete the project correctly.

Will someone provide on-site supervision?

Yes, your Texas Specialty Contractor Project Manager will be on site primarily as well as provide a step-by-step walk-thru of the entire remodeling project process as well as inform you of the varying phases of the project so you are aware what is occurring at your home. We will also maintain telephone communication with you during the entire process for any questions or concerns you might have.

How do you collect payment for the project?

Once we have an agreed/signed proposal, depending upon the price, we often do not require payment until the project is completed. However, on larger projects, there may be a materials or partial deposit requirement prior to work, but we will inform you of that up front

When will my project be completed?

With each propsal, we will provide an estimate time of completion so you are aware and know what to expect. In addition to providing a walk-thru of the entire process, we will inform you of any schedule changes as they arise, if due to unseen circumstances. This includes any design process, along with color/palette selection and materials being delivered.

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